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Need tips filling out the application form?

Tell us more about the products that you handmake:

Please share your crafting and production practices, so we can get an idea of your work. If you outsource any of your production, please describe.

Your products must be designed and made by you. A handmade factor of 80%

is required. We understand some crafters have helpers, but for our market focus we expect applicants to have at least 80% personal involvement in the making of their products. Feel free to add more info in the Additional Info box.


Additional Application Information:

Please share any additional information you would like us to include with your application.


Special Requests:

Would you like a wall site, corner site? Would like to be placed near another Crafters's site, please list that Crafter in the Special Requests field. We will try our best to accommodate your request, but it is not guaranteed.


Can we use a photo or two of yours?

We are interested in using photos directly from stallholders' websites/online presence for promotional purposes. If selected for this Market, would you allow us to potentially use one of your beautiful photos?


Giveaway Contribution Interest:

This will not effect your application at all. Giveaways are a huge part of our successful marketing campaign.

Three Handcrafted Houses
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