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Dress it up this Christmas!

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The Christmas season is a great reason to have something new to wear! From cute and comfy, to downright dressy, our Christmas Encraftment adult clothing makers are sure to have something to love!


Hena Hena brings back once-forgotten kimonos to the modern world. Creating sustainable, universal and unique items with the exquisite fabrics taken from vintage Japanese kimonos, while retaining the grace and delicacy of the garment that it once part of. Most of Hena Hena's garments are one-offs and would be  your next treasure.

Maquinky make fun and comfy clothing for women and children, however the focus for Encraftment market will be on underwear. There will be the popular range of Mum Bums for the ladies in lots of new fabrics including plenty of organic options, along with a range in kids sizes including training bras for the girls.

Flaxen Linen is ethical and eco-conscious womens' clothing handmade in Christchurch. Linen, other natural fibres & upcycled table linen are the fabrics of choice for infinity scarves, dresses, and mix-n-match separates such as gathered skirts, shorts & tops.

The Alpaca Attic is one of a handful of Suri Alpaca breeders in NZ that produces a ultra fine luxury Suri Alpaca yarn for sale and producing luxury knits from this yarn. Handcrafted felted garments such as vests and ponchos are a truly NZ and local product from start to finish.

Badger Hill has a range of handmade clothing and accessories for women and children. Comfort and individuality, alongside practicality and durability are important components of the brand.

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