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The Basics 

This section is filled with information, but the basics...

Here are a few basic tips for our market, these are essentials for newbies to our market as we want everything to run as smoothly as possible for us, for you and for the market as a whole.

Is this your first Encraftment Market? Or even first market, ever? Then this page is for you! Although this whole website for our stallholders is filled with helpful information, below we have summed up some basic tips for the market. If you have any questions, send us an email and we'll be more than happy to help you out! 

  • Have a good float to make change.  Allow for the first two customers of the day giving you a $100 note for a $5 purchase.  It happens!  Think about the cost of your products and how you'll generally be making change, allow for this when organising your float. There will be no facilities for change (unless you go down to Westpac Barrington).

  • Be friendly!  Everyone loves a friendly stallholder.  Engage with your customers. Make a comment or tell a brief story about something they might be looking at.  If they have an interesting shirt or necklace on, comment on it.  Compliments are a great way to break the ice!

  • Take the opportunity to talk to your stall neighbours. Encraftment is a great place to network with other like minded people. We are stoked to be the starting base for many great friendships. 

  • Bring a friend or family member with you, bribing may be required.  You'll be thankful that you have someone to mind your stall when you need a bathroom break, have a quick shop, share the excitement of your first sale and keep your sanity in check.

  • Every market is not solely for sales, it's also about you advertising and marketing your business, getting your name and products in front of people's eyes.  You never know who will pick up a business card and contact you later.  Many store (primarily gift stores) owners go to markets and seek out new and original wares for their store and may contact you about becoming a stockist. 

  • Standard indoor sites are 2x2m and are corner sites so you get two frontages. Most people on corner sites set up in an L shape, or an inverted L so people enter the site like a little shop. If you are using tables in an L shape you can use one that is 1.8-2m long and the other about 1-1.2m (depending on the width of the larger table) to create your L. There are also larger 3x3 sites, some are wall sites and some are corner 'pod' sites. Wall sites, both 2x2 and 3x3, are best to set up along the width of the site and stand behind their products (product dependent). Please stay within your allocated space

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