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Where to park?


Car parking has always been a huge issue for our shoppers, as they ideally like to park nice and close, so lets work together and make it as easy as possible for our shoppers.

We know, we know! We sound like a broken record with our constant talk about car parking and asking you to move your car, but unfortunately it's a reoccurring compliant that we get from our shoppers. Let's work together on kickin' this issue!


On Saturday 24th June it would be appreciated if you get dropped off/picked up or carpool to and from the market. There will be usual Saturday leisure centre use and rugby will be on at Centennial Park so with that and our potential market customers the car park will be at full capacity and street parking will be scarce. 
Despite The Pioneer Leisure Centre having seemingly ample car parking, if you bring your car we ask that you please move your vehicle to the street once you have unpacked. This will allow our (and your) shoppers to have abundant opportunity to find a car park directly outside of the venue. Most of our shoppers are Mothers who bring their young children along with them (primarily babies), so this is a huge convenience for them, we want to make our shoppers as comfortable as possible and make their shopping experience enjoyable.


Plus they will buy more knowing that they won't have to carry it (and their child/children!) blocks away to their vehicle ;). 

Where is a good place to park? Anywhere on the surrounding streets! 


Conway Street: Just opposite the leisure centre entrance


Roberta Drive: This is only 2 minutes walk from the venue.


Stanbury Ave: This is only 3 minutes walk from the venue.

Rose Street: This is still very close by, only 5 mins from the venue.

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