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Health and Safety




  • Anyone discovering fire or smoke immediately call the Fire Service on 111 and request Fire Service

  • Give address Pioneer Stadium, 75 Lyttelton Street, Spreydon, Christchurch

  • Report to Market Team

  • Instruct shoppers to leave “PLEASE EVACUATE THE SITE, THIS WAY PLEASE”

  • Evacuate the building and meet on the field behind the stadium. There are multiple fire doors located along the external walls of the stadium. Please locate your closest exit at the start of the market.

  • Fire extinguishers and fire hoses are located along the walls of the stadium. Only attempt to control a fire if it is safe to do so.



  • Remain calm

  • Move shoppers into the middle of the stadium

  • Remain there until instructed by the Market Team or emergency staff that the area is safe

  • If emergency assistance is required Dial 111


Illness or Injury

  • First Aid is located in the First Aid Room at the front of the stadium. Contact Olivia 0273780301

  • If an ambulance is required, Dial 111 and ask for an ambulance. Give address Pioneer Stadium, 75 Lyttelton Street, Spreydon, Christchurch

  • Report to Market Team

  • If you feel unwell and need assistance or need to leave, please contact the Market Team


Please report and hazards, incidents or near misses to the Market Team including loss of utilities and cleaning requirements.



Toilets are located outside the double entrance doors to the stadium.

There is a kitchen facility with hot water inside the First Aid Room. Please note that if this room is being used for First Aid, entrance will not be available.



Please bring any lost children to the information desk at the main doors and contact the Market Team

Do not offer any food or drink other than water.



If anyone is behaving in an aggressive or threatening way, if there is physical or verbal abuse, phone the Police. Dial 111

Contact the Market Team

Market Team Contacts

Bronwyn  021 257 8811

Helen  022 632 5807

Lee  021 024 22492

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