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Packing Checklist

Although we don't know every item YOU need to pack, we can help with the basics.

Although every stall is different and requires to bring different things, here's a few basic things you want to remember to pack. As sometimes it's the smallest of things that we all forget. If you would like to help others and add to the list, add a comment at the bottom of the page.


  1. Don't forget the table!
    You’re going to want to grab it first, so make sure it’s easy to access when you pack. If like using a chair or stool bring that too as chairs are not supplied.


  2. Enough product
    Easy to say. Hard to gage. We recommend that you have enough to have your area filled with products and a few extras hidden away for restock. When you run out, make sure you let people know if you're happy to make something for them. 


  3. Informative Signage!
    Not everybody is going to assume that you can take eftpos, so make it clear. Do you do custom orders, let your customers know! Can you customise products? A lot of our customers are shy and are too scared to ask questions, so answer them before it's too late!


  4. Cash.
    Especially if your items are under $10, most people will use the ATM machine for their cash and we don't control those, so they maybe depense $50 notes only! Make sure you have enough change. Small bills tend to go quickly.


  5. Branding.
    Display your name with a cool sign that makes sense with the scale of your stall – it doesn’t need to be huge, but make it easy to find. Also, don’t forget business cards and/or postcards – have some on display for people to grab, offer them to people you talk to but that are just looking, and include one with every purchase. It’s a great way to prompt a visit to your online store next time they’re thinking about getting a gift.


    You won’t get many breaks, and you’ll be doing a lot of talking, so it’s important to keep water handy and stay hydrated. Bring your keep cup for hot beverages (or real cup), we're all about market waste reduction. You'll even get 50c off your beverage with our coffee vendors with a keep cup/real cup.


  7. Nutritious snacks.
    Fruit and nut bars work great – good energy boost, very little mess. There will be a food court, however, we can't make promises that you'd be able to leave your stall to grab a bite to eat once the crowds flood in! 


  8. A little box or bag for little essentials
    Lip balm (again, lots of talking), tape, pens, vivids, extra price tags – speaking of which...


  9. Price tags!
    You definitely need them, most people are shy to ask and tend to assume things are expensive when there’s no price displayed. Make sure they’re pretty! Kraft tags work great and give you enough room to talk up your product as well.


  10. Display support.
    Whether you use baskets, wine boxes (ask your local store if they have any they don’t need), trays or a custom setup, it’s important to add visual interest and show off your product at the best angle. We strongly encourage that our stallholders don't just lay out all their products on a table.


  11. Table risers.
    They make a world of difference. Get the ones that are stackable so they don’t take up a ton of space when you pack. They'll add a lot of height to your display, looking down all the time can cause a lot of strain to a shopper's neck.


  12. Shopping bags.
    If you’re using them, make sure they display your store’s name (stickers work great for this, available from Vista Print). Remember to include a business card/flyer in each one (also available from Vista Print).


  13. Extra battery.
    If you offer Etfpos/Credit Card options, all those transactions you’re going to be processing will drain up your device quickly. Make sure to bring a charger /an extra battery that can get you through the day. (You can get portable battery packs to charge your phone from electronic stores.)


  14. Layers.
    Every venue is different. You may be hot or standing by a drafty spot. Dress in a way that you can be comfortable no matter what.


  15. Friends!
    Tell your friends to come and have fun at the event. Some may even be able to spare a minute or two to help man your booth.


  16. A big smile – it goes a long way!
    Look good, feel good, and have fun!




And that’s it! Try to pack efficiently to make your setup and breakdown go quickly. And speaking of breakdown, one more tip – don’t leave early, even if you sell out (woo!). It gives a bad impression and shows little care for your fellow stallholders and the event itself.


When in doubt, be nice!


What are your must-haves for market day? Tell us in the comments below.

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