The Team

It’s really hard to put a face to a name most of the time, so here we are, here are our faces! Keep an eye out for us on market day, especially if you need a hand,

we’ll be more than welcome to help you out.



The head honcho, Bronwyn (a crafty Mum of three) is one of the founders of Encraftment. If anyone knows anything about Encraftment, it’s her!


A lover of handmade and creator of her cute business Baby Bird, she decided to put her mad organisional skills to good use in the Christchurch craft market scene back in 2011.  

Market day is always a little crazy with her own stall setup, directing 'traffic' and fielding questions, and of course fitting in a little shopping/chatting before kick off. 


Helen has been an Encraftment stallholder for years, and as of Feb 2018, has become a part of the organising team.


Olivia has been an Encraftment stallholder for a number of years and as of Feb 2019 has become a part of the organising team.

Olivia can help you with any of your health and safety or first aid queries too.


Lee has been a stallholder for many years and officially joined the Eancraftment Team early 2020.

Contact Details

Should you need to urgently contact us on Market Day, you can do so on the following numbers: 

  • Bronwyn: 021-257-8811

  • Helen: 022-632-5807

  • Olivia 027-378-0301

These are our personal phone numbers, please do not contact us on these numbers outside of market day.

If you need to contact us before or after market day, please email us with any questions you may have in regards to your stall or the market. 

Next Market:

Winter 2021 | 26-27 June

Pioneer Leisure Centre,

75 Lyttelton Street, Christchurch. 

10am-3pm Saturday and Sunday. 

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