Breakdown of the market weekend

Turning up to our markets for the first time can be a nerve wracking experience, so we hope that the rough timeline on this page helps you plan your day with ease and take a huge load off your shoulders. 

Stallholders can set up from 7.30am on Saturday 20th November 2021 (and 8am on Sunday 271st).

Please don't come earlier than this assigned time, we would like to be onsite with you.

You can park close to the stadium (in the car parks just along from the playground) and the side doors can be left open to access stadium for easy drop off of goods. The side exit doors have steps up to the stadium, we will also have the roller door open at the rear of the stadium for those with trolleys (ramp access). Please don't park down behind the preschool, this needs to be kept clear.


If possible, we recommend that you bring a friend in to help you unload your vehicle and set up. If you can get your hands on a hand trolley, bring it! These are available from hardware stores like Bunnings. 

Sunday only stallholders can drop off items between 4-4.30pm on Saturday afternoon. 

You will be issued with a stall holder lanyard on Saturday morning.


Venue accessible on Saturday at 7.30am and 8am Sunday.

If you are bringing your car please park on the street.

Be ready by 9.50am on both Saturday and Sunday.

10am Market opens

10am-4pm General Chaos


You need to bring your own table/display racks/chair and ensure that your set-up fits within your allocated stall space.  Make sure you check out the Packing Checklist for more tips. Please ensure your table feet have rubber stoppers or you set up on a mat to ensure the stadium floor is protected.

To protect the stadium floor please have mats/cardboard/rubber stoppers under table feet/displays. We will be checking that everyone has done this.

Don't complicate your stall set up too much, make sure you do practice runs. Not only can you get an idea of how your stall will look to shoppers and see which products stand out from others, but you can take photos of your practice run which will help cut set up time in half! 

Food stalls can set up on the grass area out the front of the preschool at the Pioneer Leisure Centre from 8am. Gazebo sites need to provide your own gazebo and ensure it is securely erected for wind-resistant.  Please bring appropriate weights (large water filled jerrycans with ropes are great) to make your gazebo safe and secure.

All food sites in this area are non-powered sites.

If possible, it would be profitable for your food site to sell cold drinks. Please display your CCC food permit and have a rubbish bin within your site for the public to use. Early arrival of coffee vendors would be preferred to supply a caffeine fix to stall holders and early shoppers.


Pack up at 4pm on Saturday and on Sunday!

Not before! Please wait until the market is finished before you start to pack up your stall.  Be sure to remove all your rubbish and belongings at the end of the day.