Encraftment Market Applications

We’re stoked that you’re interested in selling your food creations at our next Encraftment market! Please have a good read through the information below before applying. It’s really important and helps the market run without hiccups.


At Encraftment, we have a true passion for local handmade products. We go out of our way to provide a wide range of products that are on trend and of high quality. Over the last few years we have built a strong reputation in Christchurch and afar, something we are very proud of. It’s such a wonderful opportunity for emerging New Zealand creatives to showcase their handmade goodness.


Encraftment is popular! Very popular in fact. So we’ve had to ramp up our application process. If you want to get amongst the movers and the shakers, the makers and the doers, then we really would love to hear from you.

Use a desktop computer

To avoid any errors with the application form please only apply via desktop computer/laptop. We cannot guarantee the success of the application via mobile devices.

Important Dates 2021

Sun 1st Aug : Applications Open

Sun 22nd August : Applications close 9.30pm

30th Aug - 4th Sept: Stallholders notified

Sun 12th Sept: Payment due for stall holders

Mon 13th Sept: Late payment fee imposed

What's on your menu?

What is on your menu? Do you do vegetarian? Gluten free? Let us know what delicious creations you can offer our wonderful shoppers!

Encraftment for us, is the pinnacle of premium hand-made craft and food products from across the Canterbury region. Our traditional smoked street food sales have been off the charts at all previous events, a testament to the excellent marketing team behind the scenes.


The exposure from Encraftment has led to numerous other catering enquiries and events for us, for which we are very grateful. The sell-out crowds arrive armed and ready, never hesitating to splash out for that lush food item or quality hand made piece. The market benchmark is certainly set and we are super stoked to be on board."

-  Ben (Horse Shack Food Co)

Photos of your delicious food

Presentation is a huge factor in our market, please choose photos that really highlights your menu. Failure to supply photos will mean that your application won't be considered.

Food Permits and Licences

Paperwork can be overwhelming, we know! We require all our foodies to have a food permit/licence issued by The Christchurch City Council. This needs to be included in your application. If you need help with this, please contact The Council for more information.


These must be displayed on market day.

Late applications will not be accepted

We will not accept applications that we receive after 9.30pm on Sunday 22nd August 2021. 


We will add a waitlist form below (from 23rd August) if you would like to be considered for any cancellations.

How much is your product?

We ideally like to have products for sale which are within our shopper budgets. Shoppers usually spend their cash on multiple products rather than one item, we also have people who need to feed a small family, not just themselves.

Sit back and relax

We run this market in our free time as well as having families and working full time. It's a huge task for us to go through all applications, especially when we usually get 3 times as many applications as there is stalls available. If you don't hear back us by 30th August 2021, flick us an email.

Last, but not least ...

Before submitting your applications, please be aware that we now regularly get 3 times as many applicantions as there is available stalls. As tough as it is for you all, it's also tough for us to make the call on who makes it and who doesn't. It is never a personal thing.


Between us we have many children under to manage, full-time jobs, part-time jobs and our own small businesses to run. So before applying, please know that decisions are final and we will not reply to emails regarding our decisions.