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Ceramics and Glassware

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

There's nothing like a good cuppa from your favourite cup, alongside a lovely treat on a gorgeous plate. You can find all sorts of ceramic and glassware for your favourite drink, your lovely treat, or a pot or vase for the plant lovers too - plus much more!


Studio A & Co. creates glass beads and blown glass objects using a lampworking torch. Eiko loves experimenting with colors and enjoys applying techniques like bead making, glass blowing, fusing, engraving and cold working to make each work unique and give it true, artistic depth. Inspiration comes from the bright, crisp New Zealand landscape, especially the countryside, river and beach near Eiko's home. She is strongly influenced by Japanese minimalism.

Anne Pullar is a Christchurch based potter, creating original decorative forms, and contemporary functional pieces. Skilfully handmade and decorated for special occasions and everyday use.

Creative Clay Studio lovingly handmakes ceramics to bring colour and joy into your home. Her latest inspirations are cradles for air plants!

Elizabeth Craig Ceramics- Elizabeth and Craig's work is proudly 100% handmade in their studio in sunny Marlborough. No two pieces are the same and when you purchase our work you can be assured you are enjoying a unique piece made for your pleasure and ongoing use.

Lost Studios is hand crafted in Rangiora by Nic. She has a passion for creating quirky mugs and wine glasses for you to enjoy your daily cuppa in and to have a chuckle at. The mugs are dishwasher safe. With Christmas fast approaching Nic has Santa Cookie Plates, Magical Keys (for those chimneyless homes) and beer or milk for Santa glassware. Just to make Christmas eve and Christmas morning magical for your wee ones!

A Personalised Place make personalised Christmas decorations and ornaments. Tina's decoratiosn are made from polymer clay and Tina will personalise them on the spot at point of sale!

Shit's About to get Dainty make dainty bits and bobs from a self professed less than dainty creator that will hopefully make you laugh and tickle your fancy!

Tegan Makes has a range of handmade contemporary ceramics and prints.

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