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Fashion to Adore and Adorn

There are some talented designers and makers in our adult clothing stallholders. Not only can you be sure of who made your clothes, but you can be sure that care and love was put into making it too - no throw-away fashion here!


KoiNo is a made in New Zealand, size inclusive women's wear brand. We make comfortable, quality, contemporary clothing with a basic elegance and Japanese influences.

Hena Hena brings back once-forgotten kimonos to the modern world. She creates universal and unique items with the exquisite fabrics taken from vintage Japanese kimonos while retaining the grace and delicacy of the garment that it once was part of.

She hopes her products will add a tint of divinity and craftmanship to the wardrobes of people who see the beauty in special pieces she creates.

Flaxen Linen is clothing for women who aren't afraid to wear one-off, unique designs. Made from new, ethically sourced linen and upcycled vintage table linen FL is all about over-sized dresses, gathers, pleats, drapey sleeves. I will have my new patchwork linen T's, reusable fabric gift & wine bags and sunhats made from my linen off-cuts.

maquinky loves bringing comfy underwear to women & children. Fun fabrics and no more hungry bums! Life is too short to be picking out wedgies!

Badger Hill is a fabric based business specialising in handmade clothing and accessories. Top quality fabric is used to help create current styles which will last the distance for woman and children. There are also swim bags, book bags and new to the range this year, make up bags. Pop along and say hi!

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