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Humans of Encraftment - Emma Timmis of Emma Timmis Illustrations

We are highlighting a few of our stallholders with a "behind the scenes" look into who they are and their creative journey. We hope you enjoy learning a bit about the humans behind the products.

Tell us a little about yourself and your creative journey…

I used to be a rock-climbing instructor but a battle with an ongoing leg injury pushed me to change career. As it was difficult to stand all day I needed to find work where I could sit more. When I was younger I contemplated a career in the arts but followed my love for the outdoors. The silver-lining to my leg injury was re-igniting my passion for art.

More often than not my head is full of a million ideas that I can't find time to explore! Sometimes I find it difficult to motivate myself to finish a piece of art which does mean my house is full of incomplete projects. Not ideal when you live in a small space! I do two things to get out of this funk. Firstly, take a step back and look at the piece of art from a distance, this usually inspires me. And secondly, take a walk outside in nature, even just around the garden.

I love trail running. When I'm not creating art or working on my business, you'll usually find me on the trails, in the hills. I find that moving my body is a great way to gather ideas for new work or to process ideas that need tweaking. I'm also inspired by all the colours and textures found in the beautiful landscapes of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

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