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Humans of Encraftment - Jess Lorelle of Lorelle Botanicals

We are highlighting a few of our stallholders with a "behind the scenes" look into who they are and their creative journey. We hope you enjoy learning a bit about the humans behind the products.

Tell us a little about yourself and your creative journey…

I am a qualified florist. A lot of people don’t know that you have to study to become a florist! It gives me the knowledge to keep my flowers at the best quality. I also learned a lot about design elements which are so important when it comes to floral arrangements.

I am so lucky to have inspiration growing all around me. Mother Nature is a beautiful woman, and once you fall in love with her beauty, you will forever be inspired to create!

Encraftment is one of my favourite markets to attend because there are so many like-minded people there! It’s so inspiring and wholesome to get to see, talk to and meet other creatives!

Check out Lorelle Botanicals at:

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