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Humans of Encraftment - Rose from Kind Quearrings

We are highlighting a few of our stallholders with a "behind the scenes" look into who they are and their creative journey. We hope you enjoy learning a bit about the humans behind the products.

Tell us a little about yourself and your creative journey…

There's a few things that happened in short succession, honestly looking back now it was almost inevitable that I started a creative business. I’ve always loved statement earrings but, piercings don't agree with me, so I started making my own clip ons. People kept telling me I should sell them. I didn't. Rinse and repeat what felt like a million times! Then after the first lockdown my friends and I were trying to figure out how we could support the Black Lives Matter movement after George Floyd's death, so this Kind Quearrings was born effectively as a fundraising event. Those values have flowed throughout our time!

My inspirations are often based around colour - Rainbow communities, dopamine dressing and a forever wandering mind. Dopamine dressing for me is wearing clothes that give me a mood boost when I wear them. In my case, it's usually bright colours, bold patterns and a funny mix of 'is this ugly or actually cute?'. I want my clothes to give me joy and maybe, hopefully reassure someone else that they can wear that thing too.

I've been so incredibly lucky to have a collection of friends who really, passionately back me! They have held down the fort at markets, created alongside me and given me endless encouragement. This year my bestie Dani formally joined the Kind Quearrings fam and it's given us both a wonderful boost. Both Dani and my work spaces could be described as glitter and chaos!

Check out Rose and Dani on Instagram: @kind_quearrings

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