Encraftment Market Applications 

We’re stoked that you’re interested in having a stall at our next Encraftment market! Please have a good read through the information below before applying. It’s really important and helps the market run without hiccups.


At Encraftment, we have a true passion for local handmade products. We go out of our way to provide a wide range of products that are on trend and of high quality. Over the last few years we have built a strong reputation in Christchurch and afar, something we are very proud of. It’s such a wonderful opportunity for emerging New Zealand creatives to showcase their handmade goodness.


Encraftment is popular! Very popular in fact. So we’ve had to ramp up our application process. If you want to get amongst the movers and the shakers, the makers and the doers, then we really would love to hear from you.


Please note: Stall prices start from $275 for our 2 day event, all prices are found on the application form under "Site Preference" which comes up once 1 or 2 day preference is selected.

Use a desktop computer

To avoid any errors with the application form please only apply via desktop computer/laptop. We cannot guarantee the success of the application via mobile devices.

Important Dates 2022

Mon 13th June: Christmas Applications Open

Sun 31st July : Christmas Applications Close

Mon 15th Aug : Christmas Stallholders notified

Wed 31st Aug : Payment due for stall holders

Thurs 1st Sept : Late payment fee imposed

Do you make your products?

Your products must be designed and made by you. A handmade factor of 80% is required (We understand some crafters have helpers, but for our market focus we expect applicants to have at least 80% personal involvement in the making of their products).

"I have found being a stallholder at the Encraftment Market highly beneficial to my business. The Encraftment team have continued to grow their reach by promoting individual stallholders and providing us with opportunities to promote ourselves and our businesses. I can attend the market knowing that everything possible was done to make the event a success and bring me the kind of customers who will buy my products."

- Pip (Pepin Design)

Photos of your products

You must supply photographs of the products you propose to sell, and if possible photos of your stall set-up. Choose photos that really highlight your range of products. Failure to supply photos will mean that your application won't be considered.

Do you stand out from the crowd?

There isn't a market where we don't have a large group of applicants who all sell the same product. Baby/kid clothing, baby/kid accessories, cushions, candles and jewellery being the most common.

How do you lack similarity to products already in the marketplace. Show us that your work avoids saturated trends.

Please let us know exactly what you sell

We work very hard to make sure that there's a huge varity of products for our shoppers and that we don't go over board with a specific product type. In the past we have had products sprung upon us on the day & we would like if this didn't happen.

How much is your product?

We ideally like to have products for sale which are within our shopper budgets.  Shoppers usually spend on multiple products rather than one item.

Are you a regular?

We need to see that your work has progressed since participating in any past events. Show us that you are offering new products, or have developed variations on designs so that we keep the markets fresh, new and exciting for our regular shoppers.

Waitlist Applications 

Applications for our waitlist can be taken after our applications have closed from 31 July as we do sometimes have sites become available during the course of selections and have cancellations in the lead up to the market. Sites can only be offered to fully completed applications that can suitably replace a cancelled site (same craft genre).

Sit back and relax

We run this market in our free time as well as having families and working full time. It's a huge task for us to go through all applications, especially when we usually get 3 times as many applications as there is stalls available. If you don't hear back from us by the 15th August, flick us an email.

Last, but not least ...

Before submitting your applications, please be aware that we now regularly get many more applicantions as there is available stalls. As tough as it is for you all, it's also tough for us to make the call on who makes it and who doesn't. It is never a personal thing.


Before applying, please know that decisions are final and we will not reply to emails regarding our decisions.