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Let there be Light!

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

What's Christmas without a little sparkle? We have some gorgeous candles from our diverse range of candle makers to light up your Christmas.

Kandle Co

Kandle Co has a beautiful range of handcrafted soy candles and melts made here in Christchurch, NZ. From frosted glassware to vintage Agee jars, soy melts and burners.

Rose in Thorns

Rose in Thorns candles include scented soy candles, and beautiful hand-dipped tapers made from a blend of soy and beeswax - perfect to add some sparkle to the Christmas table.

Woodsmen & Hunting

Woodsmen and Hunting craft scents that recollect moments past in time, to remember the depth of the land, woods and trails of our seasons ever changing. Can't wait to breathe in these scents!

Candle Freak

Candle Freak creates intriguing soy candles, melts and diffusers, in an ever-growing range of glass and luxury candle jars. As the festive season approaches, they will be offering some new Christmas fragrances – brand new ‘Blackberry & Bay’ and much loved ‘Christmas Tree’

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