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Small Sculptures

"...jewellery pieces are small sculptures and the gallery is the person who wears it."

Matt from Liberation Jewellery

It’s been said that jewellery is one of the most powerful ways to reflect your personality and lift your self esteem - much like a great pair of shoes!

This Christmas, Encraftment Market brings you an amazingly diverse range of jewellery allowing you to find something that will speak to every individual.

The silversmiths amongst the group make pieces in silver, copper and bronze. A gorgeous array of precious metal jewellery can be found at the stalls of Relique Jewellery, Fantail & Co Jewellery, Geo Jewellery, Pretty Birds Creations, and Rainey Designs. Ranging from the very feminine, to the ultra minimalist and everything in between.

Studio A & Co’s glass pieces are coloured and shaped in flame and are blown into unique forms. Each piece turns out different to the next so you know it’s going to be as individual as you are. As is the wide range from Born To Be BoHo. It shows there’s been thought to creativity and function in their designs, adding a bit of fun into many of their pieces.

Several of our artisans are using wood to create mini works of art. Liberation Jewellery, Kanuka Grove Design & Print, Birds Will Fly and Little Wolf Studio show what lovely creations can come from what’s often thought of as such a simple material.

You’ll definitely be drawn to the work of Hannah from Lark and Yarn, who crochets tiny jewellery pieces - and we can tell you now - it’s not your normal crochet!

One of the common threads we noticed about our jewellery designers, is they all have a strong desire to make sure their creations reflect thought given to ethical sources and use of materials. With many including reuse and recycling of materials - we love that!

Check out a taste of the jewellery available below. There's sure to be a "small sculpture" that will be a must have gift to yourself or someone you love.

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