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The Useful and the Beautiful

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

William Morris said something like: "Have nothing that you don't consider to be useful or beautiful." I think ceramics and glassware fit the bill wonderfully here - they are both useful and beautiful! Check out what will be on offer at Winter Encraftment.


Creative Clay Studio lovingly creates quirky and colourful ceramics. Cecilia from Creative Clay Studio enjoys teaching pottery at local schools and organisations. The Kowhai Collective shop in the CBD has a good selection of creative studio works.

Elizabeth Craig Ceramic Art are professional potters based in Marlborough. Every piece is made with functionality in mind while also being a unique piece that is hand crafted (usually on the potter's wheel and hand finished) either from NZ made porcelain or a secret stash of our own earthenware/stoneware clay.

Evelyn Lee Pottery Small batch pottery made in Marlborough. Every piece is one of a kind.

Lost Studios is the creative outlet for Nic. Nic has a drive and passion for creating quirky mugs and wine glasses for you to enjoy a daily cuppa or wine in and to have a chuckle at. Along with mugs is a small range of diffusers, homewares and lip balms for you to indulge yourself because you deserve it or the perfect gift.

McKay Art & Clay is pottery made for you and your plant's, plant pots, air plant holders, cups, mugs, vases, trinket dishes and more! functional and stylish for any home, handmade right here in Christchurch by Hannah.

Shit's about to get Dainty is bits and bobs from a less than dainty creator that will hopefully make you laugh and tickle your fancy! Its what might happen if the band Slayer and Antiques Roadshow had a baby.

Studio A & Co creates glass jewellery and blowing glass objects using a lampworking torch. Each work is a beautiful little piece of art that can be yours to use, wear and treasure! The glass vessels are designed for practical use such as vases, cups and salt bowls etc and are inspired by everyday life. Discover the special piece that speaks about you.

Tegan Makes small batch ceramics while her children sleep. No two are the exactly same as they are handmade in my little studio in the garage. My process from start to finish is "New Zealand made" from my Waikato sourced clay to my kiln made just down the road in Lincoln.

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