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What are we looking for?

We are looking for:

  • Creative and original products; all products to be handmade by the applicant. A handmade factor of 80% is required (We understand some crafters have helpers, but for our market focus we expect applicants to have at least 80% personal involvement in the making of their products).

  • Products and items that fit in with the overall vision of Encraftment; innovative and original.

  • Presentation and professionalism with finished product, including stall set up and quality photography used for marketing.

  • Cohesiveness and consistency with your work as a whole.​

  • Commitment to independent design, adopting and/or using traditional crafts, new technologies in art and design, innovative methods of making.

  • Lack of similarity to products already in the marketplace. Show us that your work avoids saturated trends.

  • Appropriate, suitable and commercially viable items, including appropriate price points for the markets.

  • If you’re submitting a shared application, the combined quality of the group has to meet our criteria. We will look at the application as a whole, and not consider the individual applications. (We will either approve or not approve the group/ shared application as a whole)

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