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Humans of Encraftment - Katie Jenssen of Katie Jenssen Ceramics

We are highlighting a few of our stallholders with a "behind the scenes" look into who they are and their creative journey. We hope you enjoy learning a bit about the humans behind the products.

Tell us a little about yourself and your creative journey…

After completing my BSc in Wellington I became sick and was given a scary health diagnosis which led me to move back to my hometown, Napier. While I was recovering I moved in with my Nana, Ingeborg Jenssen, who was a talented studio potter. I fell in love with clay right away and knew I wanted to make art my career too. It took me 5 years of practice and having it as my side hustle, while working in other jobs before I took the leap and made it my full time gig.

I am lucky enough to have my pottery studio in a big, light filled space not too far from where I live in Kaiapoi. It's inside an old brick woolen mill. As well as being a practical space for making my work and teaching workshops it also doubles as an overflow space to hang all the art that doesn't quite fit in my home. I am a maximalist and have had a lot of fun painting murals in my studio, putting up shelves to display pottery from other makers and trinkets I have collected. My studio is definitely a reflection of my personality.

Being a maker and having creative blocks go hand in hand. To overcome this I like to step away from my studio and go somewhere new. Having time away from my practice always frees up space in my mind to let in new ideas and inspiration.

Check out Katie Jenssen Ceramics at:

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